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Social Media has becoming mainstream pop culture. Who doesn’t know what a tweet is now a days? Everyone is posting it for the gram! Did you see my post on Facebook? Did you check out my last pins? If your business is not openly engaging with customers on social media platforms, guess what? Another business is! It’s not like it was 5-10 years ago, everyone is on their mobile phones now, and they are on 1 or all of today’s leading social media platforms. Why not advertise your business where people’s attention is? Reach hundreds/thousands of customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Social Media is here to stay and it’s only getting more integrated into everyone’s daily lives. Our experienced team of Social Media Marketing consultant can guide you on today’s best Social Media Marketing practices and how to reach your core audience on Social Media.

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Facebook Ads – Reach Your Audience With Social Media Marketing

Facebook is the leading social media network in the world. If you are not interested in advertising on facebook then you are not truly tuned in with today’s world. Most adults 18-70 have a facebook account, they scroll up and down all day, your businesses ad can be seen in the town that you want, and you can custom target the audience that gets to see your businesses ad at a budget you feel comfortable spending daily. Facebook can be used to market your business to local audience, towns list, state wide or nationwide. Let us help you find your audience, we can customize a facebook ad campaign that will help your reach your goals.

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Instagram Social Media Marketing

Instagram is Facebook’s younger and cooler brother. If you are looking to reach a younger demo and target specific interest you can do it with Instagram. Instagram’s hashtag culture is becoming mainstream, along with story mode there are some many ways to get your businesses messaging out to the masses. Instagram has grown into one of the leading Social Media platforms in today’s world. You can run video ads, graphic ads, and story ads. With organic reach being limited, you can leverage it’s sponsored ads to reach your audience anywhere in the world. Whether you want to increase your followers, likes, comments or increase your sales, Instagram is one of Social Media Marketing’s top platforms
Which Social Media Marketing platform is right for my business?

Every Social Media Platform offers a different audience, advertising strategy, and monetization. If you are looking to reach professionals, in certain area’s, with job title X’s what platform would you use? If your service is geared more towards women, and you would like to target your ad to women what are the best platforms to advertise your product/service on? What social media marketing platform can deliver the best RIO for your business? Where is my core audience spending their internet browsing time on daily? What is the best way for me to monetize Social Media Marketing? Nine73 can help your business with all aspects of Social Media Marketing. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation to discuss your Social Media Marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing
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