Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO has truly embedded its way into everyday life for most people in today’s world without the average person really knowing it. When you need something what do you do? The average person in today’s world now reaches into their pockets, takes out their phones and they “google it” the top search results are there because someone that knows SEO got it to the top of google when you googled it.

Understanding the google landscape and how to monetize google search traffic is vital to your companies success. What’s one good client worth to you and your company? $50.00? $500.00? $5000.00 50,000.00+ Having the proper SEO strategy is can provide your business with the proper roadmap to reach your goals. Nine73 can customize a SEO campaign that will get you results. SEO is very competitive everyone is bidding and optimizing their websites to be number one. If your business is not executing SEO properly you can be sure your competitors are.


Google Ads

Google Ads is the quickest way to get to the top of google searches. You pay per click, your are renting the keyword search result for 1 click or as many clicks as your daily/monthly budget allows. Potential client sees your paid/sponsored ad they click it google bills you. It’s very simple in nature. But there are many ways to get that click and target different devices ( mobile only ads and get a phone call instead of a click ). Sell products, promote your store/location, Video (on YouTube).

You can be number one for any keyword in any location google is operating if your budget allows it and your can afford the top bid for that keyword. Understanding SEO, keyword reports and how to maximize your SEO Google Ads Advertising can sky rocket your lead generation. By understanding what’s being searched every month and knowing the market prices for keywords in the areas you want to advertise is how you can properly scale your lead generation and launch a successful SEO Google Ads campaign.


Organic SEO

Organic SEO or natural google top rankings/not paid ads should be every businesses long term SEO goal. Organic SEO takes time it’s not something that can happen overnight. You must publish relevant and high quality content and optimize it for search on a regular basis. If your not optimizing your website for organic SEO you won’t get found on top of google searches or grow your targeted keywords every month. Nine73 has been providing Organic SEO since 2006 and can deliver local, national or global organic SEO services. We truly believe in the power of organic SEO having top organic SEO google rankings means not paying per click on those keywords. You can’t bid your way up to top google rankings in Organic SEO you have to put in the work and prepare to work for the long term success. 


Targeted Google Ads / Get Phone Calls!

What do you do? What industry is your company in?
Where do you want to advertise? Towns? City? Counties? States?
What is an average client worth to your business?
How many leads are you looking for a month?
What is your current monthly marketing budget?

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