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Today’s world is a digital world. Digital Marketing refers to any form of advertising that is via a digital format. SEO/Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Social Media Marketing, Re targeted ads, and mobile only ads are examples of Digital Marketing. At Nine73 we understand that each business is different and each marketing campaign has a different audience. We understand how to leverage each website/platform to deliver real results for our clientele. It’s really about understanding who and what is your target audience for the service/product your business is providing and target the right locations ( towns/cities/counties/states).

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Digital Marketing Has Many Advantages VS Traditional Marketing ( Print Ads/Television Ads )

The cost of entry is much more affordable compared to traditional marketing platforms. What clients must understand is that you can syndicate the same type of marketing you would on traditional channels but no digitally. Filming a short 60 second TV commercial? Video is a great format to get your businesses messaging out there. Guess what you can use that same video and syndicate it on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, and other Social Media Platforms. What’s the difference? People will be watching it on there phones! With call to action buttons built into each social media platform you’ll have the available to convert on your ads at a much more affordable way. You can reach thousands of people on their phones everyday if you have the right ads and market it across multiple social media platforms.

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Each Digital Marketing Platform Has Different Demographics, Strengths, and Target Audience. Find Yours!

How can my business get more sales via our eCommerce store? How can my business receive more phone calls to our administrators/sales team? How can we get our messaging our about product/services to reach the most people even if they are not searching for us? How can we display our companies portfolio/work best? What is the right social media website to market my company on? How many times is what I do in the area’s I want to do business is being Google’d a month? What keywords should I be targeting for my business on Google Search? How to find out what keywords and locations are best for my business? We can help you answer all these questions! Call Today!


How many clients to you need a week/month to hit your goals?

This is the question you must ask yourself before starting a Digital Marketing campaign. Understanding what it takes to convert your ads so that your goals are being met. It’s all on the Return On Investment. A good example to follow is, when seeing how much to invest in your digital marketing campaign a month, Is your business prepared to invest 2-10 percent of what you would profit from a client to get that client consistently? If after working your ROI and numbers out and this makes sense for your business, we can tailor a Digital Marketing campaign to reach your audience, demographic and locations to help you get more customers.

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